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Minutes February 2018

President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

President Elect:  C├ęcile Lyons, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

LAN Representative: Dean Given, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young

Past President: Laura Ciel, PsyD

ATTENDANCE:  Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD; Cecile Lyons, Phd; Eric Nelson, PhD; Scott Young, MA; Dean Given, PhD; Kim Taylor, PsyD; James Fortman, PsyD; Megan Donahue, PhD; Hallie D’Agruma, PhD; Sandra Kenny, PhD


MINUTES:  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted for the January 4, 2018 meeting.  The motion was passed by a voice vote. (Please note discussion about purpose and content of minutes under New Business.)


President’s Report:  The President deferred to the Chairperson of the Disaster Response Committee, Megan Donahue, who needed to leave the meeting early.  

Disaster Response Committee Report:  Dr. Donahue began by expressing appreciation for key SBCPA organizer/responders Karen Lehman, PhD and student Brooke Sears.  In addition, she reported that there is an active SBCPA Disaster Response Committee of ten plus volunteers, as well as the growing list of SBCPA practitioners who have indicated willingness to provide psychological care on a sliding fee schedule or gratis.  On the organizational front, the Chairperson described how the committee’s work with other community entities involved in providing comfort and stabilization have raised awareness of our association and respect for the value we offer the community. These response partners include Behavioral Wellness of Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara Response Network and Hospice.  To date, SBCPA volunteer practitioners have served individuals at the Hub and other designated care locations, as well as children at various school sites. Lastly, Dr. Donahue addressed committee initiatives, as well as open ended questions that have surfaced while services have been provided. Initiatives include training in resiliency, services for members directly impacted by the disaster, and support to combat service fatigue for those practitioners providing intervention.  Discussion included suggesting use of the forum capability on the website, providing a survey to identify any members of the association directly impacted, and including a link the CE training for Psychological First Aid.  Open questions included: 1.) how to differentiate appropriately between the level of services a practitioner is providing; 2.) covering the issues of mandated reporting; and, 3.) providing guidelines to ensure that SBCPA practitioners understand that the ethical responsibility for quality of care rests on each individual and not with the association.  Lastly, the Chairperson expressed the need for an allocation of funds to cover costs of materials to support the work being done. A motion to earmark $500 for the 2018 Disaster Response Committee was made and seconded. The motion was passed by a unanimous voice vote.

President’s Report:  After announcing that 41 members attended the Installation Dinner, Dr. Bates-Freed requested that the assembled board members comment on the benefits and deficits of the event.  Responses indicated satisfaction with the ability of the organizers to maintain the past tradition of opening the new year with the dinner and with the ambience of the University Club.  There was particular appreciation for the value added by the live music and especially for the upbeat tone and significance of the President’s remarks. Deficits included the individual cost immediately after membership payment and the holidays, as well as the limited fare.  Treasurer, Dr. Nelson reported that the dinner came very close to breaking even and that $400 plus was raised by the raffle. The President proposed that planning would be smoother and more effective if the event were scheduled immediately for next year and managed by this year’s board.  It was noted that with this intention, it would be possible to include the dinner in budgetary planning and to consider the possibility of defraying the cost per member, making it more attractive. (See New Business for additional budgetary comments in relationship to this event.) The President continued the conversation of traditional aspects of past installations by announcing the resumption of Legacy Award(s) to be given to recipient(s) making a significant contribution to the profession.  She announced that Dr. Deborah Schiller had agreed to chair a Legacy Committee for the 2019 dinner.  In conclusion of her report, she reminded the board of coming planning retreat, Sunday February eleventh, 1 – 5 PM.  There was concurrence on having the first hour devoted to website training.  The President requested that chairpersons be prepared to propose goals within their areas of responsibility and dates for actual events, so a yearlong calendar could be prepared. Lastly, carpooling was recommended to avoid severe parking limitations.

President Elect’s Report:  None

Past President’s Report:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  Dr. Eric Nelson reported that there is approximately $20,000 available in the treasury for budgeting in 2018.

Secretary’s Report:  None

Student Representative’s Report:  None

. Continuing Education Committee Report:  Dr. Sandra Kenny requested budgeting guidance to support planning for the day long ethics educational event in June.

Website Committee Report:  Dr. James Fortman asked those assembled what particular challenges they anticipate in working with the website.  Responses included managing the membership categories and steps required to provide links and display relevant material on SBCPA Facebook page.

Media and Public Relations Committee Report:  None

Membership Committee Report:  None

Social Committee Report:  None

Ethics Committee Report:  Chairperson, Dr. Kim Taylor reported consulting with Dr. Susan Bennett of CPA’s ethics division regarding questions that came up during the development of programs in response to the devastation from fire and mudslides in the community.  CPA reiterated that the burden of ethical responsibility is on each practitioner providing services, not on the local branch or state-wide association.



Dr. Kim Taylor introduced discussion about content and purpose of Board Minutes.  She suggested that if the minutes provided more context they could be posted for the membership in the form of a monthly communication.  Her idea was greeted with consensus on having an active website and possibly a monthly or quarterly newsletter posted for members. There were also some reservations about having the Minutes serve this purpose.  The President said that she would talk with the Secretary, who was not in attendance, about the ideas discussed and then proposed that the initiative of using the website for regular communication with members be added to the agenda for the coming Board Retreat.

In support of the Disaster Response Committee’s stated need for a funding allocation, a motion to earmark $500 for the 2018 Disaster Response Committee was made by Dr. Lyons and seconded.  The motion was passed by a unanimous voice vote.

In support of the President’s recommendation that the 2019 Board Installation be scheduled, pre organized, and budgeted by the current board, Student Representative Scott Young offered a motion to that effect.  It was seconded and approved.

Dr. Lyons also expressed the benefits in having a future discussion on the budget in light of the Association’s needs, desires, and values.  In particular, it was mentioned that the board might consider shifting funds from solely Membership events to the Board Installation, a joint Membership/Social responsibility.

ADJOURNMENT:  The President adjourned the meeting at 9:45AM.

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