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Minutes January 2019

President: Winifred Lender, Ph.D.

President Elect:  Megan Donahue, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

LAN Representative: Juliet Rhodes-Brown, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young

  Past President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

SBCPA Board Meeting Minutes

January 10th, 2019

President Call to Order- Meeting called to order at 8:37am

Attendance: Dr.’s Winifred Lender, Hallie D’Agruma, Christina Donaldson, Betsy Bates Freed, Megan Donahue, Asha Wilkes-Stone and student representatives Scott Young and Orian McGee.  Dr. Juliet Rhodes-Brown attended via phone.

Approval of Minutes 

     Dec, 2018 - Dr. Megan Donahue motioned to approve the minutes, Dr. Christina Donaldson seconded.  Motioned approved.

New Business

     CE fund issue with CPA

     For 5 years the fees have not been paid by our organization and we owe money to CPA.  There was confusion as the role was passed down as to whether or not we needed to pay fees - due to our membership with CPA (it was believed that the CE fee was included in our membership).  We have a big bill and it will impact our budget. CPA did not request payment either.  Dr. Eric Nelson assured we have the funds to cover the bill.

     Dr. Hallie D’Agruma is going to have a meeting with CE Committee to discuss the overall process to ensure there is no confusion as to what needs to be done.

     CE’s are not affected.

Old Business

     Recap of Holiday Party

     Event report is in the works from Social Chair

     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed suggested to move the date up since it puts a lot of pressure on the Social Chair.  It’s very close to our installation dinner.

     Do we want to do it on a Friday night?  Or a different night?

     Scott Young state that maybe having it later in the evening would be helpful.  Other board members suggested having it earlier so we could enjoy the view. 

     Dr. Megan Donahue suggested mapping out our social calendar at the retreat.  Members tend to like the potluck idea. Dr. Winifred Lender stated that there seems to be a lot of events at the end of the year.

     Dr. Christina Donaldson suggested having the party over a longer period of time.


     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed stated that they have a draft put together.  Waiting to hear about the language on the brochure. 

President’s Report

     Update on Installation Brunch and Legacy Awards

     Installation Brunch on Sunday - Jan 13th at the University Club

     Went over agenda of Installation program.

     Honoring Dr. Cecile Lyon as a retiring board member - ten year. 

     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed suggested Dr. Lender to give a speech about upcoming goals for the year.

     Have a deadline for future legacy awards nominee.  Have the deadline earlier so we can announce the awards.

     Last chance email to sign up for the Installation Dinner - to include the timeline, legacy award winners, new board, and program.  Let members know that it is ok to come and go as needed.

     Discussion of Retreat trainings and activities

     Proposed budget

     Training on using the website

     Overview of the calendar

     Dr. Winifred Lender to send out a request to each chair members as to what they would like to discuss.

President-Elect’s Report

     No report

     Wanting to begin thinking of next years slate.

Past President’s Report

     No report

Treasurer’s Report

     Full budget review will happen at the upcoming board retreat

Secretary’s Report

     Need to revamp on how we are getting workshops, referrals, office space, etc to membership.  Get a policy in place so we can be more efficient.

     Discussed using forums on the website.  The problem is some of our members may not be web-savvy.

     Have a weekly newsletter with the lies of events in there for the week.

     Will work on ideas at the retreat.


     Hybrid of events

Student Representative’s Report

     Re: sponsoring students at the installation brunch

     Antioch, UCSB & Pacifica students emailed

     Finding members to sponsor vs. covered by the association...more needed.

     Dr. Betsy Bates Freed stated she has paid for two students and then how to let the students know that they have been covered.

     Dr. Winifred Lender stated that it is a priority to sponsor students.

     Scott to keep a list of the students that want to be sponsored.

     New members and students to have stickers on their name tag.

     Encourage students to mingle with members at brunch but let them know it's ok for them to sit together.

Continuing Education Committee’s Report

     Having a committee meeting to organize the events.  Chair to clarify what is needed at each CE event and assign committee members to tasks to make the event preparation go smoothly.

     Clarify location of CE.

     Have CE events spread out throughout the year.

     Possible upcoming event - Mind Gut connection with a local nutritionist. Needs to partner with a psychologist so we can get CE credit.

Website Committee’s Report

     Training to be held at Retreat

     Specific question to be emailed to Dr. Winifred prior to retreat.

     Problem with membership tracking.  Especially those that have changed status.

Media & Public Relations Committee Report

     Bring camera to event to take pictures for publicity

     Ensure Dr. Jordan DeWitt contacts Noozhawk

Membership Committee Report

     Dr. Cecile Lyons has passed on information to current Membership Committee.

     Will get together with Website Chair to go over confusion with renewals, old members that sign up with a new email, and other membership issues.

     Assigned members were contacted regarding membership renewal and invitation to Installation Brunch

     Share action items for January (Anahita sent to Asha)

     Contact assigned list of members that have overdue memberships.

     Networking event - Finch and Fork?

     Contacting new members monthly

     Reaching out to Student Representatives - mentor program

     Following through to ensure matches have been in contact with one another.

     Send out an email at the end of January to remind them to pay or sign up.

     Find out procedure as to what we do with members that have lapsed passed January 2019.

     We may need to contact Wild Apricot customer support for assistance.

Local Advocacy Network Committee Report

     Decide on a topic to support. 

     There are many issues APA put out regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Opioid crisis, and Military Veteran Affairs.

     Do we as a board choose one?  Or do we go along with APA?  There are schools advocating for alternative ways of embracing psychology due to issues with internships - CAPIC is receiving less applications due to a bias with APPIC.  A special groups is forming.

     Dr. Bates Freed discussed how CPA advised on what topics to ask our representative lobby for in Sacramento.  The CPA wants all the associations to discuss with our representative what the main focus is this year.  Last year, the main push was driving that gun violence was a public health issue and there were also specific things that they wanted us to talk to our legislator about: the obscure legislative issues such as the issue with Medicare/Medical in rural counties and how a person was not able to see a physician on the same day as they came to a mental health facility.  We could find something relevant to our needs in Santa Barbara. 

     Dr. Juliet Rhodes Brown to reach out to Dr. Dean Given to find out the main focus CPA has for this year.

     Dr. Megan Donahue stated when she was secretary what she was asked to share was what happening within the assembly. Each year, it was geared to what the assembly knew our representatives would be voting on in the coming year that would affect mental health professionals.

     At the retreat, we can discuss other areas our local board would like to discuss.

     Waiting to hear back from Limon’s office.  Made contact, spoke with Jennifer and she apologized for not having Monique's office return her messages.  Jennifer is flagging her messages now to ensure a response.  Sacramento meeting is March 17-18th.  Juliet will be attending. Need to find a student representative to attend. Dr. Betsy Bates Freed stated that typically the student representative for SBCPA will help finding a student to attend event or attends the event.


Social Committee Report

            Contract for event has been signed

            Baskets to be organized over the weekend

            Current attendance numbers

            Feedback solicited for next year’s event

     Need to have a social committee - need to delegate

     Ensure that those that have signed up for being on a committee that they are contacted and included.


Ethics Committee Report


Disaster Response Committee Report

     Continued attendance of Community Wellness Team Meetings

     CWT has been involved in the planning of the 1/9 memorial event

     Karen is co-presenting with CWT Team Members Michele Drum (HOPE 805 Lead) and Leyla Farinpour (Cottage Hospital Director of Therapeutic Services) on the Long Term Recovery from the 1/9 Debris Flow at the Cottage Hospital Psychiatric Grand Rounds on 1/16/19

     Karen is presenting/participating in a community meeting in Carpinteria on Mental Health Resources and Suicide Prevention, sponsored by Das Williams this Friday 1/11/19, 7:30am! I believe this meeting is a sharing of resources, and perhaps a brainstorming/problem solving session… I will bring handouts regarding SBCPA resources - our membership and “Find a Psychologist” search etc…

     The CWT and DRT will continue to forward requests from HOPE 805 for those affected by disasters to receive long-term therapy services - an identified strength of SBCPA; and there is still a need for therapy groups with the various populations affected by the disasters

     Unfortunately it has been difficult receiving responses from our membership to these inquiries - I’d love to brainstorm ideas for getting a response from our membership, either at today’s meeting, or at the retreat - thanks!

     Still hoping to set up a training at the local Red Cross, with Roberta Aincraft, only for SBCPA members who would like to become certified Red Cross volunteers

Meeting Adjournment at 9:45AM

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