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We, the Board of the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association (SBCPA), stand united with Black voices in condemning all acts of racism, both interpersonal and systemic. We seek to uplift the value of all Black lives, including Trans Black lives, Queer Black lives, and Black persons with disabilities. We recognize that violence against Black people and the constant threats to their safety are profoundly embedded in the very infrastructure of our nation, from its nascency to today, and that SBCPA’s public stance against such harm is long overdue. click for more.


SBCPA has a list of local COVID-19 resources for the public. Please click on the link below to access these resources.


VIDEO: Breathing to Reduce Stress with Dr. Karen Lehman

VIDEO: Sleep During Covid

COVID-19 Resources for the Public

SBCPA has a list of COVID-19 resources for SBCPA members. Please click on the link below to access these resources. 

COVID-19 Resources for SBCPA Members

Coping Through the Coronavirus Crisis:

Like all healthcare professionals, members of the Santa Barbara County Psychological Association have been continuing to provide services to their clients and the community during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This has been a strange and worrying time for everyone, which has impacted every aspect of our lives, including our mental health. We are facing a situation with higher potential disruption and strain on all of our resources than has been seen in most of our lifetimes. The risk is significant especially to the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions, and emotional risks higher for those with anxiety or depression already. It is normal for all of us to feel stressed, irritable, frustrated, or impatient at this time. As psychologists, though, we try to reduce unnecessary anxieties by pointing out that danger may be easily distorted in our minds, and that decisions or reactions made while feeling panicky are unlikely to be helpful, even when there is some real risk around us. For example, it is important to keep in mind that when people follow precautions and stay at home the risk of disease drops significantly. And finally, try to keep in mind that this is a time-limited situation and we will come out the other side. click for more.

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We are here for YOU, Santa Barbara! #805STRONG

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