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Minutes January 2018

President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

President Elect:  C├ęcile Lyons, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young, MA

LAN Representative: Dean Given, Ph.D.

Past President: Laura Ciel, PsyD

SBCPA Board Meeting Agenda

January 4, 2018, 8:30 – 9:45 AM

Attendance: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD, Laura Ciel, PsyD, Hallie D’Agruma, Ph.D., David Botsford, PsyD., Sandra Kenny, PhD, Scott Young, Dean Given, Ph.D., Christina Donaldson, Ph.D., Kim Taylor, PhD.

President Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

  • December 2017 Minutes: President moved, past-president second, no discussion, Approved.

President’s Report

  • Approval of 2018 Committee Chairs: Past president moved, LAN Representative seconded, no discussion, Approved.

  • Ethics: Kim Taylor, PsyD

  • Membership: Hallie D’Agruma, Ph.D.

  • Continuing Education: Sandra Kenny, PhD

  • Social: Ashley Ribeiro, PsyD

  • Media/Community Relations: David Botsford, PsyD

  • Disaster Preparedness: Megan Donahue, PhD

  • Website: James Fortman, PsyD

  • Board Retreat details: Jan 20, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the board president’s home

    • Strategy session

    • Setting of the 2018 calendar of events

  • Meeting dates, 2018

    • Meetings are held every 1st Thursday  

    • Skipping July 5,

    • meeting in August as usual

  • Looking for a Co-Chair for Social Committee

  • Installation dinner

    • Wednesday, Jan. 24, 5:30-8:30pm University Club – date set due to availability

      • 5:30-6:30pm cocktail hour

      • 6:30pm – dinner

      • 7:30pm – introduce new board

      • wrap up at 8:30pm.

    • Social committee to set details, menu (<$80/person)

    • Raffle basket assignments – President has a basket to donate, looking for donations.  Everyone on the board is to help contribute to raffle baskets. Secreatry to set up a shared Google doc to help coordinate raffle items.

    • Music – Membership, LAN Representative  and Secretary will contact local musicians to find out costs, connect with Treasurer to find out budget, and include social chair on conversation.

    • Photography – Student representative will ask a  collegue about being photographer, check with Treasurer about budget, and include Social Chair.

    • Sound system – Social Chair to find out sound system capability

    • Picture board for board members that cannot be present for the dinner.

  • Membership and Secretary to send out a Save the Date for Installation dinner.

  • Website Chair to set up RSVP for Installation dinner.

President-Elect’s Report

  • Not present

Past President’s Report

  • Handed over cc to current president

  • Will contact Website Chair to uplaod new board.

  • Will get in contact with Megan Donahue to confirm results. Deferred to next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Not present

  • Current balance in accounts: $17,500

Secretary’s Report

  • Past secretary to post last year’s minutes to webiste.

  • Megan and Christina will be meeting this weekend to train Christina on secretarial duties.

Student Representative’s Report

  • Will meet with past Student Representative.

  • No report at the time

Continuing Education Committee’s Report

  • Keely Kolmes - June 9th, 2018, 9am to 5pm - cancellation fees of $600 two months prior the event.  Event is being tentatively held at Falkner Library.

    • Need to get out advertising for the event.

    • Will talk to Treasurer about paying the deposit for library.

  • Heidi Zetzer, PhD, Emily Maynard, PhD, Salvador Trevino, PhD - February 3, 2018 - 6 hours (not confirmed yet) – looking for us to Co-Sponsor event.

  • Salud Completa - Behavioral Health (St. George Youth Center) in Isla Vista, CA - free location for approx. 30 participants (parking issue?)

    • Also looking for another location that may not have parking issues.

  • Looking for Salon dates – discuss dates at Board retreat

    • Salon’s to be held at LAN Representative’s house.

Website Committee’s Report – (not present)

  • Both Karen Lehman  (outgoing Web Chair) and James Fortman (incoming Web Chair) - are unable to attend - but recommend that current Board is aware of the following

  • Make sure all Board Members/Committee Chairs who need access to website, have access.

  • Which Board Members need website training – Secretary, Membership, and President.

    • President, Membership, and Secretary all need website training.

      • Do training at Board retreat – will confirm.

  • Membership Chair and Website Chair should meet to discuss final details of 2018 membership drive, including date for which non-renewed members become “lapsed” and removed from lists-serv - and program the text of these auto emails from website

  • Could Megan complete formatting revisions on website, please (Megan not present to discuss)

  • Karen and James hope to meet soon so that James is ready to go

  • Email Karen and James jointly, anything related to website that needs attention

Media & Public Relations Committee Report

  • Pilot videos: Mind Matters (community education/information videos: Facebook, website)

    • Videos completed about educational issues that will be posted on website and FB

      • Topics: Social Media How to Set Limits; Managing Political Angst

    • People that want to do videos need to submit topic first to the Media Committee, once that has been approved then the video itself has to be

  • Press release: Once election results have been confirmed, Board and committee chairs will be posted on website.

Membership Committee Report

  • Renewals

    • Associates 35% renewal

    • Grad Students 29% renewal

    • Licensed 66% renewal

    • Newly Licensed 57% renewal

Local Advocacy Network Committee Report

  • March leadership council in Sacramento

Social Committee Report

Chair person not present

Ethics Committee Report

  • No report

Disaster Committee Report

  • SBCPA is coordinating a CE training with Santa Barbara Response Network

  • Chair is seeking committee members with disaster response experience for flexible commitment when disaster responses needed

Next meeting February 1, 2018 @ 8:30pm

Meeting Adjournment at 9:45AM

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