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Minutes February 2019

President: Winifred Lender, Ph.D.

President Elect:  Megan Donahue, PhD

Treasurer:  Eric Nelson, PhD

Secretary:  Christina Donaldson, PhD

LAN Representative: Juliet Rohde-Brown, PhD

Student Representative: Scott Young

  Past President: Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD

Present at meeting: Hallie, Kim, James, Betsy, Megan, Eric, Scott, Angela, New p

Phone: Juliette

SBCPA Board Meeting Agenda

February 14th, 2019

President Call to Order-

Approval of Minutes 

     Jan, 2019 Call to order at 8:37. Minutes approved. Moved by Scott. Second by Eric.

New Business

     New proposed policy for sending out information such as: workshops, referrals, office space, publications, etc. to membership.

     New proposed policy for who can be listed in Find a Psychologist feature. Kim moved to approve the policy as drafted; motion approved.


      Megan wonders whether group wants to form a master plan for website? Wild Apricot has bright clean new formats but all coding would need to be changed.

     “SBCPA Happenings” was the winner for the email communication to members. Betsy moved to approve. Second by Kim. would replace marketing and individual emails; still some emails from SBCPA and committees. Approved.

Old Business

     CE fund issue with CPA (Eric working.)

     Brochure - moving to new vendor.

President’s Report

     Cost is $240-$320 to only show psychologists with photos in the Featured Psychologist location. Cost seems excessive to board members. Kim suggests outreach to members convince them to include photo and bio; since they look bad. “How to” in newsletter? Consensus was to give members a chance to correct this before approving the expenses. Eric noted that grant might be used to update entire website, including this feature. Kim suggested that updated website might attract sponsors. It would need to be determined what audience of website is; members or community. Overall cost would likely be $5,000-$10,000, according to James. Megan volunteer to help coordinate this.

      Can likely add a “Get to Know a Graduate Student” with photo in Member’s section or Home page for no cost.

     Importance of adding all events to Google Doc calendar.

President-Elect’s Report

Past President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

     Tablet service discontinued. Can still be used with Wifi.

     New arrangements for bookkeeper . Reducing workload from current cost of $175 monthly. Transitioning to Quickbooks, anticipated half the cost.

     Current account balances. Healthy.

     Grant proposal update. Update website? Karen: money to pay group therapy leaders? Sponsoring sessions for people who cannot afford. Megan cautions that we need to be clear ethically on psychologists not proving therapy as SBCPA representatives. Also idea of CE, especially CBT for long term trauma. Eric needs idea of budgets. He will go to grant source. We will get a grant, amount is what’s in question.

     Eric is working on CE financing issue.

Secretary’s Report

Student Representative’s Report

     Planning on putting on a coffee hour in March w/ Christina. We need to pick a date and get an invite out.

Continuing Education Committee’s Report

     Report on first salon and update on schedule of salons

     Discuss Suicide Assessment and Intervention 6 unit CE program options w/ Board March 8 xenophobia, Roxanna.

     April 12, local nutritionist mind-gut. W

     4/31 supervision.

     June BBF

     Sept 14 suicide day long

     Oct Winifred internet overuse.

     Looking for presenter for child psychology issue.

     Sept 14 6 unit CE suicide assessment treatment. Lisa Firestone. Conversation this week w Gina and Lisa, $2000. About 20 of 33 responders to survey were interested in this. WOrried about budget. Thought of negotiating fee but Lisa had an idea, Jewish Federation of SB hoping to become more involved. Want to be co-sponsors. They would invite other helping professions including teachers. Cost would be shared. We would be charged $1000. Fee structure for each organization; CE would be paired with higher cost but SBCPA would try to keep costs low. Bronfman offered as free issue. Also a space if it gets huge, B’Nai Brith. . Additional idea: Inquiry from CAMFT. Interest as well to hire her. Consider joint event. Megan noted CPA has specific requirements for co-hosting with both Jewish Federation and CAMFT.  Kim noted, goal seen as organization that provides CEs. ?Media attention. Hallie noted it could be community building. Scott noted New Beginnings also looking at major suicide prevention event. 20-30. Tri-County event.

     Discuss other cont education ideas (trauma/anxiety treatment, psychodynamic meeting)

Website Committee’s Report

     Discuss updating featured psychologist and featured graduate student functions

     Tabling all to discuss larger redo of website.

Media & Public Relations Committee Report

Membership Committee Report

(Report given by Ashe on behalf of Anahita)

     Updates on Tasks Completed

     Entered all updates for members regarding renewals in excel

     107 out of 163 people renewed. A lot of people who didn’t renew were grad students and/or had moved out of the area, makes sense. Board feels that this appears to be a larger than normal attrition rate. Hallie said membership slowly builds through the year as new people join and new students arrive; some members bring in colleagues.

     Developed a protocol for contacting expired members, completed the remaining action steps on it for this year, finalized it with Winifred, put it in the folder on the website

     Cleared up issue related to membership renewals with James Fortman. He contacted Wild Apricot and they said it is working on glitch that occurs when people change their membership category; they get duplicate bills. For now, James is dealing with this on a case by cases basis; they’re working on fixing it. No auto email that goes out when you change membership levels; when you renew only shows your current membership level. Potentially a good change when website changes are discussed.

     Spoke with James, Hallie, Scott. James walked me through the website features, Hallie filled me in on the job’s responsibilities, provided templates for recruitment efforts and mentor program emails. Scott and I determined which months coffee talks will take place, as well as clarified ideas for coffee talk topics.

     Processed all pending renewals/new memberships, so they’re in the website’s system now

     Met with portion of committee, Asha (Patricia was sick) and started plan for delegation of duties. Obtained Winifred’s approval that Asha will take over organizing networking breakfasts, most likely 3rd Friday in March will be the first breakfast. Band both of us will attend. Scheduled next membership committee meeting for Saturday February 16.

     Started adding networking breakfasts and coffee talks to the website as upcoming events

     Upcoming Tasks to Complete

     Coordinate with Asha regarding networking breakfast in March, then manage advertising of this breakfast

     Coordinate with Scott regarding coffee talk in March, then manage advertising and specific invitations related to this coffee talk

     Start working on recruitment efforts with membership committee, to seek potential members and invite their membership

     Start working on mentor program-send the first invitation out

Local Advocacy Network Committee Report

     Date has been selected--Thursday, April 4, 2019 for Meet and Greet (Dean indicates this date is best fit for him and his home.). Elaina Garduno. March 15, April 5. Juliet needs help w sending out invitation and needs budget from Eric for refreshments. Monique Limon will share current legislative news. Discussion about possible alternative venue April 5; Juliet has conflicts that weekend but will try to make it work. Kim Taylor recommended consolidating SBCPA priorities to ask for comment/help. March 11 Meeting to discuss proposed legislation at Miramar could be used to set priorities. Scott Young suggests a suggest symbolic gift for Monique at end of event. Everyone invited; board given priority.

     Need to select other student to attend LAN mtg in Sacramento, as Scott cannot attend. He’s reaching out to students who might be interested in moving into position. March 17-18. Juliet will be there both days. Others would be invited to attend March 18. More openings for anyone to come; book by Feb 28.

     Conference call yesterday w LAN reps, Amanda Levy and Heideman, effort to blend efforts between local associations, state Pac and federal efforts.

     March 6 - proposed new bills. Small group should discuss March 11 and provide feedback. Need summary by March 14. Maybe Miramar event - 90 minutes. Juliet will send out invitation.


Social Committee Report

                                    Angela asked for ideas about date of Spring event; potentially targeting week of April 22-28. She was thinking of Mirror of the Mind (art/poetry/dance/music event featuring psychologists, patterned after LACPA? -- Need more time to plan for next year?) Angela was encouraged to assess interest. Perhaps think about an event at a gallery or the art museum that has some connection with mental health. Hallie mentioned a recent exhibit of sculpture created from debris flow material. She will contact gallery owner (previously Sullivan Goss). She will discuss budget with Eric.

Ethics Committee Report

Disaster Response Committee Report

1.    Continuing meetings with CWT weekly or bi-weekly during storms

2.    Hope to email membership soon re. - a) details on signing up for Red Cross DMH volunteer status, b) survey on how members have helped those impacted by recent disasters,

3.    CWT, HOPE 805, and ICTG are facilitating the set-up of treatment groups, run by our Psychologist Members - we have had 5 psychologists volunteer

4.    Karen and Michele Drum from HOPE 805 co-presented at the SBCPA Salon last week

5.    Karen talking with Hallie about a potential 3 hr training focused on treatment of trauma resulting from Disasters

Meeting Adjournment at 9:45AM

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